Provides free teen college chat to teens. Chat rooms include Teen Chat, Teen Zone, Chat Zone, and more!

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Teen Chat
teen chat for teens aged 16-19, this is a clean free teen chat!

Younger Teens
a chat room for ages 13-15, free chat and please keep it clean

Teen Zone
get into the teen chat zone, for ages 16-19. Teen Zone!

Trivia Chat
a great teen trivia chat to test your knowledge, thousands of questions!

Chat Zone
a laid back relaxing chat, get into the chat zone, a free teen based chat!

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Teen College Chat is your one stop shop for all your teen chat needs. We have chat rooms for all types. Singles Chat, Teen Chat, Trivia Chat, Chat Zone, Roleplay Chat, we have tons of free chat rooms for teens. Teen College Chat is one of the most popular free chat sites on the net. You can chat the night away safely knowing that our free chat rooms are moderated for scams and abusers. So what are you waiting for? Start chatting now!

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We here at teen college chat strive to make your chatting experience one of the best on the web. That is why our FREE teen college chat site is exactly that, one of the best free teen chat sites on the internet. You can use this contact form below to send an e-mail to one of our staff here at teen college chat. Our chat rooms sometimes experiences issues, scammers, abusers, etc. and using this form you can contact us and let us know about those pesky chatters.

Teen College Chat attempts to read and respond to every e-mail we recieve within a day or two. Please keep your e-mail short. Describe the problem you have encounter in the chat room or the web site. Please be sure to fill in all required forms so someone from teen college chat can get back to you. Free teen college chat thanks you for your time, and happy chatting to all!

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