Provides free teen college chat to teens. Chat rooms include Teen Chat, Teen Zone, Chat Zone, and more!

Free Teen College Chat

Once you have learned the commands, chose a chat room and start chatting. It is that simple!

Teen Chat
teen chat for teens aged 16-19, this is a clean free teen chat!

Younger Teens
a chat room for ages 13-15, free chat and please keep it clean

Teen Zone
get into the teen chat zone, for ages 16-19. Teen Zone!

Trivia Chat
a great teen trivia chat to test your knowledge, thousands of questions!

Chat Zone
a laid back relaxing chat, get into the chat zone, a free teen based chat!

Teen College Chat is your one stop shop for all your teen chat needs. We have chat rooms for all types. Singles Chat, Teen Chat, Trivia Chat, Chat Zone, Roleplay Chat, we have tons of free chat rooms for teens. Teen College Chat is one of the most popular free chat sites on the net. You can chat the night away safely knowing that our free chat rooms are moderated for scams and abusers. So what are you waiting for? Start chatting now!

Teen College Chat - Chat Commands

We have a lot of different commands we use in our teen college chat rooms to express things, change settings, or commands that just make your chat more fun! A few of the teen college chat room commands are below. We want you to have the most fun possible while chatting here at our free teen college chat, so that is why we try to give you the commands you will be using most while in our free chat rooms. After you have learned a few of the chat room commands, you can click a chat room at the bottom of this page to start chatting! A few of the chat rooms include teen chat, trivia chat, chat zone, teen zone, and more! Have fun chatting!

/join #channel
This joins another chat room, for instance /join #TeenChat would take you to our Teen Chat.

/part #channel
Works like the above, except it exits you from that particular chat room.

/services REGISTER yournickname yourpassword
This will register your nickname with the password you choose.

/services INFO nicknamehere
If you would like to view the profile of someone, use this command,

/me is so tired
This does an action instead of a normal chat, it shows you are acting out.

/services SET yourNicknameHere PASS newPasswordHere
Use this to change your current password.